Hi All,

Iam trying to setup zimbra multinode clustering.
Iam refering the zimbra documentation provided with zcs 6.0.

As specified we have the following setup.

1 zimbra ldap server node
1 standby zimbra mail server node
1 zimbra mta server node.
2 active zimbra mail server nodes (each running a zimbra cluster service say cluster1.domain.com and cluster2.domain.com)

I have the following questions to be addressed.

1) As specified, the SAN Volume is mounted and zimbra mail server is installed in the SAN volume, however since the SAN volume is a shared access, how can two services cluster1.domain.com and cluster2.domain.com be configured ? . The documentation specifies that
two cluster services are configured each for one active node. But the active nodes relay on one shared access.

2) What's the need for two cluster services to be configured ? . Is it for load balancing ? Because we are not able to run the two cluster services at the same time, because the ldap server requires a mail server host, where only a *one* cluster service hostname can be specified ?

Any suggestions ?