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Thread: how is tabbing in message compose supposed to behave?

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    Default how is tabbing in message compose supposed to behave?

    We just noticed on our new zimbra installation (zcs-6.0.4_GA_2038.UBUNTU8_64)
    that when composing as text, tabbing moves the focus around the various fields on the compose window/form. Yet when composing as HTML, tabbing does nothing.

    Neither behavior was expected.

    Example, in thunderbird, composing as text or html, tabbing will walk down the various fields from initial focus on 'To' until you hit the compose window, at that point tabbing will start adding tabs to the message.

    This is expected.

    Shift-tab will get one back into the fields.

    None of the bugs I've read speak to being able to tab inside a message composition.


    Edit update;

    new bug submitted (not by me).
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