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Thread: Web client external internet access Ajax hangs html works ??

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    Default Web client external internet access Ajax hangs html works ??


    Using the latest Zimbra, downloaded a couple of days ago. Also Centos 5.4.

    Zimbra web client (AJax/html), the internal access, works perfectly fine, no problems.

    I then setup external access, open up port 80, but here the difference is I forward that port to our ISA server rather direct to Zimbra as we have many internal servers.

    Also I have set up Isa server to access the server from a subdirectory

    The web interface seems to initially load okay when you try and log on the splash screen is shown but it just hangs. the HTML version loads fine, it is only the Ajax version that hangs. Remember that the Ajax version does actually work on the internal network but not externally. Do I
    have to open extra ports other than just port 80 and is ISA server 2006 causing a problem?

    I am not a particularly advanced user of ISA server 2006 either, which does not help!

    thanks in advance,


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    Has anyone already fouind a solution for this? We seem to have the same issue.

    As a workaround we configure a very low keepalive_timout (1 sec) in nginx and then it is fast again... This is only a work around and not a solution for the root problem.

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    I did sort it but I think I just bypassed ISA server and opened up port 8888 for Zimbra.

    Now the ajax client works fine.

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