One of our clients is having a problem with emials going to admin@domain. Prior to installing Zimbra they used a distribution list called "admin". When they upgraded, we renamed admin to sysadmin and created an "admin" distribution list to allow them to continue as before.

To send various reports to sysadmin I changed the zmlocalconfig settings from admin to sysadmin. This Zimbra server is using the open source edition so the backup scripts shut down the server around midnight and start it again around 4. Despite changing the address in zmlocalconfig, they still get emails sent to admin every night with the following message:

"Jan 3 04:02:16 regmczm01 zimbramon[14787]: 14787:err: Service status change: regmczm01.regency.local logger changed from running to stopped "

Where is the recipient for these emails set?

From zmlocalconfig:
[zimbra@regmczm01 ~]$ zmlocalconfig | grep admin
av_notify_user = sysadmin@regmczm01.regency.local
smtp_destination = sysadmin@regmczm01.regency.local
smtp_source = sysadmin@regmczm01.regency.local
xmpp_muc_sysadmin_jid_list =
zimbra_admin_service_port = 7071
zimbra_admin_service_scheme = https://
zimbra_admin_waitset_default_request_timeout = 300
zimbra_admin_waitset_max_request_timeout = 3600
zimbra_admin_waitset_min_request_timeout = 0
zimbra_ldap_userdn = uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra