Hi all,
Sorry if this isn't the correct forum, but a look around didn't turn up a better choice.

Anyway, There is a Zimbra install used on site here (Release 6.0.1_GA_1816.RHEL5_20090911181524 RHEL5 FOSS edition.) on which i have deleted 3 "unused" accounts. It turns out that they are used, and have a fair bit of important data (mail not so much so, but Documents and Calander events yes).

The latest backup is from last April(!), but there is one there, there are also incremental backups that get me 4 days further down the line. All these are in /opt/zimbra/backup/sessions/full-yyyy-mm-dd.hhmmss.mmm and /opt/zimbra/backup/sessions/incr-yyyy-mm-dd.hhmmss.mmm

On top of that there are a load of files in /opt/zimbra/redolog/archive aswell as a redo.log in /opt/zimbra/redolog itself.

I can take the Zimbra server offline and do as I widh, as long as I ge the data back. I have the FOSS version so it appears that zmrestore is not available to me .

It looks like the data is stored in flat files and "linked" via MYSQL db entries, so it's not just a copy over job, even though I can find .msg files (as .msg1 files) in a subfolder of the full backup.

Hours of digging about have yielded no specific reference to the kind of backup that has been done, and how to use it. Has anyone done this before? or am I totally screwed?

Happy to supply more information or RTFM if pointed to it.