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Thread: Searching for Sensitive Data - SSN and Credit Cards

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    Default Searching for Sensitive Data - SSN and Credit Cards

    Higher-Ed is all over getting sensitive data off of user's workstations and email accounts and it would be handy to have Zimbra identify for us which messages contain sensitive information.

    Zimbra Search help Zimbra Web Client Search Tips - Zimbra :: Wiki shows
    that you can search for sensitive data in your mailbox by using the search
    terms "has:ssn" and "has:credit-card", but on our server those searches don't
    produce any results.

    Does anyone know how to enable those object types on our server?

    I entered this in bugzilla, too:
    Bug 44016 – How do you search for sensitive data in web client (i.e., ssn and/or credit-card numbers)

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    A little farther up that doc:

    "has: Specifies an attribute that the message must have. The types of object you can specify are "attachment", "phone", or "url". For example, has:attachment would find all messages which contain one or more attachments of any type."

    I'm guessing these are the only attributes that it's coded to look for. But I am also curious to see how difficult it would be to create custom attributes (i.e. ssn) for this type of search.

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    Bump. Any news?

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