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Thread: Mass change passwords

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    Exclamation Mass change passwords

    I have a domain with about 100 accounts in it. I want to change everyone's password to the same password and then have them change it later.

    Is there a way to change many users passwords like this?
    You cannot highlight multiple users in the web interface and then use the change password button as it grey's itself out when you select more than one user.

    Any suggestions or help appreciated

    - Shua

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    A for each loop in bash would do it.

    Something like:
    for each in `zmprov gaa`; do zmprov sp $each password; done
    That would set all the passwords to "password".

    It would take a while to do that, though, at 100 users.

    You may just want to output that into a text file and pipe the text file into zmprov so you don't call zmprov 100 times.

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