I have setup dual delivery without problem with zimbra to our existing environment. I have maybe 10 users in my zimbra domain. What I want it to do is when a user from within side the zimbra domain sends to someone inside the zimbra domain, they get mail in zimbra and in the production email. I have followed the split domain article, but it doesnt appear to work completely.. I can send to anyone in our domain - but the people in zimbra AND the old system get mail only in zimbra.


Joe is in zimbra and sendmail
Sally is in zimbra and sendmail
Fred is in sendmail

Joe sends sally an email from zimbra webmail. Sally recieves email in her Zimbra webmail - but not in her sendmail webmail.

Joe sends Fred an email from zimbra webmail. Fred receives email in his Sendmail webmail.

Fred sends Joe an email - Joe receives email in his sendmail webmail and zimbra webmail

Sally and joe need to be able to recieve email in both sendmail and zimbra.

Thanks in advance.