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Thread: moving mailbox server to server

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    Default moving mailbox server to server

    Is there any limit on the max size mailbox that can be moved between zimbra servers using the admin console?

    They are located quite a distance apart, the main one is in Ireland and the secondary one in California.

    I have 2 left to move 1.6 G and 4 G

    The 1.6G failed after about half an hour leaving the mailbox inaccessible so I restored it.

    I have successfully moved 40 accounts the largest being 800 MB.

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    There's no limit on the size for zmmailbox but I would have thought the possibility of an interrupted connection would be a problem - unless you have an exceptionally good connection. You might get better results if you export the mailbox the transfer it to the second server with scp and import it into the new server.


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