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Thread: 3.2 Beta Upgrade Problem - LDAP

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    Default 3.2 Beta Upgrade Problem - LDAP <RESOLVED>

    I'm trying to run an upgrade from 3.1.3 (Suse 10.0) to 3.2 beta. Everything goes great until it tries to start the LDAP server. I am running the server on a home machine using a hostname. It worked fine before, because I have an entry in my /etc/hosts file to specify the address for my dyndns hostname. Now, it's failing. My guess is that it's trying to do a DNS lookup and is trying to get to the public address for the hostname instead of using the entry in my /etc/hosts file like it did previously.

    Can someone tell me if there is any other way to force it to resolve the hostname to the localhost? I have also tried to change the ldap server values in the /opt/zimbra/.saveconfig/ file, but it keeps setting them to blank when I run the upgrade. Someone please help me!

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    Nevermind. I modified my /etc/hosts file and it works now!

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