first of all, congratulations for the great job with Zimbra! I'm new on working with it, and I'm having some problems.
I'm using the Open Source version, and I need to change users e-mails to new ones, but keeping the old ones as aliases.


For example, in case of change user1@oldDomain.com to user1@newDomain.com, I've done the following sequence of commands:
  1. zmprov removeAccountAlias user1@oldDomain.com user1@newDomain.com
  2. zmprov renameAccount user1@oldDomain.com user1@newDomain.com
  3. zmprov deleteAccount user1@oldDomain.com
  4. zmprov addAccountAlias user1@newDomain.com user1@oldDomain.com

We think that to create an alias to an account, the alias should not exist as a regular email. Because this fact, command 1 and 3 were inserted . We've seen at Wiki page that after renameAccount, zmbackup has to be done, but, as we're using open source version, this command is not available.

We use this sequence of commands when occurs a change on the users data of our application. The problem #1 is: in some cases, messages are being lost from e-mail accounts, not all, but mainly the ones that were stored in folders. And we believe that the problem is occurring due the renameAccount command, because we can't execute the zmbackup.

I would like to know if someone could comment our approach, since this issue is really complicated to our team. For trying to restore e-mails to accounts that had errors after the sequence of commands that I presented before, we're doing full copies of /opt/zimbra directory. Problem #2: since just some email boxes are being lost, how could we restore only the messages of a single e-mail account, with the content that is stored in /opt/zimbra?

Another question: I saw at another thread that renameDomain could be used instead of renameAccount, with the purpose of changing what I related before. Please, does anyone know if is renameDomain more secure than renameAccount in this case?

Any help will be very appreciated,
Thanks and best regards,