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    Default LDAP external query

    Hi, i'm using my 5.0.16 FOSS OpenSUSE 10.2 install alongside a 2003 server AD Domain controller...

    I have a copier that queries LDAP searches against the AD domain controller, but i want to have the copier search the zimbra LDAP instead...

    i've read a bit and not sure about the search base... my mail domain is :-

    so is it... ou=people,dc=elecref,dc=co,dc=uk ?

    what about credentials to access this LDAP?

    are they derived from the administrator account?

    zimbra account?



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    yeah that base dn sounds right. you shouldn't need to authenticate i think because zimbra 5.x does anonymous bind. you can always try though using


    and the zimbra_ldap_password from your localconfig.xml

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