We recently upgraded from 5.0.18 to 6.0.4. After the upgrade, we noticed that convertd isn't running on all of our mail servers. I think this can be traced to one of the features of 6.0 which sees to be that you only need to have convertd installed on one server (in a multi-server environment).

We actually have convertd installed on all 5 of our mailstores, and it is enabled and running on 2 of the 5:

$ zmprov gas convertd

I see that 'zimbraConvertdURL' is set properly to one of those two servers:

$ zmprov gacf | grep -i convertd
zimbraComponentAvailable: convertd
zimbraConvertdURL: http://server5.wiu.edu:7047/convert

However, if a user attempts to preview a document from a mailserver that isn't running convertd, they get the following error:

HTML Conversion Error

service temporarily unavailable

If I manually start convertd on the other servers, the error goes away, but reading bugzilla entries on convertd makes me think that we shouldn't have to. (I may be wrong, though).

I'm not sure if this is relevant or not, but we also installed zimbra's web proxy when we upgraded from 5. to 6.0.4.

Any ideas out there?