Hello everyone,

I'm sad to inform you that after a test run of about three months the company which I work for has decided to get M$ Exchange.

I do not agree with the decision and I can't understand it. I really like Zimbra and the support & goodwill they've shown so far.

I'm now in the position where I am expected to migrate about 6GB of e-mail from Zimbra to Exchange.

How can this be done? The only way I figured out so far would be to use the ZCS Outlook connector and use Outlook to save the e-mails to disk for every single user. Luckily we only have about two dozen.

The only problem with that is that our Zimbra Network Trial has already run out and I'm not sure if Zimbra is willing to extend it. I would understand that. I've already contacted my local representative and pleaded my case to her.

If anyone here knows of a method that doesn't involve ZCS Outlook Connector could you please help? I just want to have the case covered that I can't get the trial license extended.

I've searched the forum and googled for an answer. While there is plenty of information how to migrate from Exchange to Zimbra I found none doing it the other way round. Quite understandably I guess.