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Thread: [SOLVED] "last login time" never updated for migrated accounts

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    Question [SOLVED] "last login time" never updated for migrated accounts


    On accounts I migrated from another server (via zmbackup/zmrestore), there is a strange thing: the "Last Login Time" (or zimbraLastLogonTimestamp in a "zmprov ga accountname") is never updated, even after a login over pop3 or via the webinterface. For new accounts everything is fine.

    I don't really see how to debug that phenomena, and browsing the forums/docs didn't helped (yet, still searching).

    Maybe you will have a hint?
    regards, Olivier

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    Self answer again, as usual after a forum post, sorry :-) :
    zmprov mcf zimbraLastLogonTimestampFrequency 5m


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