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Thread: [SOLVED] Barracuda and Originating ip

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    Default [SOLVED] Barracuda and Originating ip

    I'm experiencing an irritating problem with our parent company and reliable e-mail delivery;

    I use zimbra 6.04, they use Exchange + barracuda anti-spam.

    Their mail server keeps blocking my messages based on the e-mail header's originating ip. I understand what's happening is that when barracuda scans mail from my server, they also scan the originating ip header and if my client happened to be someplace using an ISP that barracuda lists as "poor" the e-mail is blocked! what a friggin pain! (barracuda tech support calls it "deep scan" - a feature my parent company has so far refused to disable in barracuda.

    My question is how common is it for mail servers to strip/rewrite the original e-mail header, and is it possible to do this within zimbra (presumably postfix)?

    Basically, since we travel mostly around asia, we're frequently using an ISP that barracuda thinks has a "poor" reputation! I'm getting tired of getting unreliable e-mail to our parent company...

    any suggestions (besides me bustin' into their spam filter and turning off deep scan myself!)

    PS hope this is in the right forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickier View Post
    PS hope this is in the right forum!
    No, it wasn't so I'll move it.

    You can disable the 'x-originating IP' header (if that's what the Barracuda is checking) in the Admin UI.


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