Running Zimba 6.0.4 GNR and Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server, and think i am having issues with virtual domains. Some work and some do not.

As a trouble shooting method i have removed all the Virtual domains on my server and did a zmcontrol stop zmcontrol start but the virtual domains that i removed still work. I read somewhere that i needed to restart tomcat using tomcat restart as the Zimbra user, but this command does not seem to exist anymore. Really hate to reboot the entire server so how do i make the virtual domain setting take effect?

I think as some sort of weird side effect of virtual domains i am experiencing strange web access issues. I have tried to setup a virtual host called for all my virtual hosts some work, and some do not.

I have created A records for them IN A x.x.x.x

and a redirect virtual host as well

Redirect permanent /

As you can see I am running an apache server onboard with the Zimbra machine, the Zimbra machine is running in mixed mode i believe forget how to check, and i always get an error during upgrade about a port conflict would moving Zimbra to https only help solve this problem?

Mostly I would like my to work for everyone first, then i would like see if i can make virtual host work for everyone