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Thread: 2 schools using zimbra, each serving as a backup for the other?

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    Default 2 schools using zimbra, each serving as a backup for the other?

    I'm maintaining a Zimbra OpenSource installation at our school and was recently talking to a colleague who is a sysadmin at a different school in the same city. He is planning to also use Zimbra there. Both our schools are connected to the same MAN by a 1 Gbps connection.

    We were wondering if it is possible to connect our zimbra installations in a way that one zimbra server takes over if the other one goes down.

    What would be necessary to realize such a solution?

    Thanks for any hints,

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    If both servers are otherwise independant of eachother, then no. If they are part of a set of clustered servers, then the answer may be yes, but you would need both domains to exist on the same zimbra 'farm' so there would be one Zimbra instance, but multiple physical servers holding it.

    This is a little outside of my realm and others here may know more, but I'm pretty sure that unless you and the other admin are ok with the basic concept, then it may be a nonstarter. Review the documents for clustering Zimbra.

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