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Thread: Blank emails - "too much recursion"

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    Default Blank emails - "too much recursion"

    I get occasional reports of emails that are showing as blank with a corresponding message of "too much recursion" in the Firefox Error Console.

    Line reporting the error is ;

    if(url){html[idx++]='<a target="_blank" href="'+url+'">'+AjxStringUtil.htmlEncode(tracking )+'</a>';}else{html[idx++]=AjxStringUtil.htmlEncode(tracking);}

    or rather, the line that is highlighted when following the error link.

    Seems to be HTML messages (to state the obvious) only.

    All assistance appreciated.

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    You should post this as a new bug in and attach a sample message you see this happening with. Be sure to describe any specific repro steps if necessary.
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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