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Thread: Outlook sync problems after crash and restore

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    Default Outlook sync problems after crash and restore

    A few weeks ago I had a raid related screw up. I was able to copy most of the backup folder. With the help of a Zimbra tech, I was able to get Zimbra backup with all 80 accounts.

    However, after this happened, Outlook didn't sync reliably for most if not all users. The only way I could correct this was to remove Outlook profile and do a fresh sync. With 80 accounts, some over 5 GBs, this was a nightmare.

    Now, I am moving ZCS to a new server by installing ZCS and then doing a zmrestoreldap and zmrestore following wiki article.

    I'm very worried that I'll have Outlook issues again following the server replacement. Should I be worried? If so, what can I do to avoid Outlook sync issues?

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    I'll try to ask my question more succinctly.

    On a new zcs instance (new server), would a zmrestoreldap and zmrestore put back everything Outlook connector needs to sync properly? Or are there other files I would need to recover from the old server?


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    Not sure on this one. You probably want the Administrators forum.

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