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Thread: Z 6.x - Webmail attachment not working.

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    Default Z 6.x - Webmail attachment not working.


    So here is the problem. Connecting via webmail externally and trying to send an attachment 4 Meg doesn't do anything. Once the user clicks on Attach, the window is indicating "attaching" but never does anything. Looking at the traffic it looks like it uploads a bit of the file then just drops the connection. The message size limit is set to 200 Meg (was doing a message import and didn't want to run into problems) so the message size isn't a problem. Internally it works no problem for an 8 meg attachment. I've tried from IE 7, IE 6 and Firefox 3.

    Any ideas?

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    try having a look at /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log and see if gives any error.
    are you sure you have no restrictions on the firewall?
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    Just to be clear.. there's two separate properties for max message size and max upload size. The max upload size would need to be adjusted to help you in attaching an email via the web client (but that doesn't seem to be an issue in this case).

    Along with maxxer's suggestion, you can also check Firebug to see if it reports any sort of errors as well.

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