I have searched/read as much as I can find but am still having problems getting Zimbra to authenticate against AD on a 2003 server. I am probably just not understanding something so if anybody could point me in the right direction..

I have installed Zimbra (zcs-3.1.4_GA_518.RHEL4.tgz on Centos 4.3) and everything installed without a problem. I have configured the GAL & Authentication settings and they both "Test" succesfully. However when I try to login at the main page none of my AD accounts will work. If I create a local (to the Zimbra server) account, I can login using that. A couple of things I have noted are:

1. GAL returns empty when tested even though it is succesfull. This is the config: ( I have changed the domain)
GAL mode:
Most results returned by GAL search:
Server type:
Active Directory
LDAP filter:*
LDAP search base:
Bind DN:

2. I cannot change the LDAP search filter when selecting Active Directoy, it always fills in the AD server name "ad" and greys out the box.

I have the users in the default "Users" OU on the AD server, do I need to change the LDAP search path to something like "ou=Users,dc=mycompany,dc=com" ? I tried it but still no go.

For the Authentication page I have:

Authentication mechanism:
External Active Directory
LDAP bind DN template:

and the "test" with a valid user is succesfull.

When I actually to try and login from the main page I have tried to enter the following names/passwords:

name=user password=xxxx
name=user@mycompany.com password=xxxx
name=mycompany\user password=xxxx

nothing works, I just get "The username or password is incorrect. Verify that CAPS LOCK is not on, and then retype the current username and password"

I have read thru so many posts saying how easy is it is to get AD working but I have not been able to. I suspect I am just missing something..anybody have any ideas?