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Thread: data "isn't valid" - using iCal to access Zimbra via CalDAV

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    Default data "isn't valid" - using iCal to access Zimbra via CalDAV


    I have Zimbra 6.0.4 running on Debian Lenny. One of my users tried to access his calendars using the method described in CalDAV with Leopard iCal - Zimbra :: Wiki (he's running Snow Leopard).

    After entering the domain (without trailing / as described), he get an error dialog saying "the data downloaded from <my zimbra server's URL> isn't valid" (see attached screenshot).

    I tried loading <my zimbra server>/principals/users/<his user> (the URL which according to the access logs his iCal loads) in my browser and what came back looks like valid XML, except that there's a bit of text in the form

    	Authenticated user:	<his user>
    	Current date:		Tue Feb 02 15:45:22 CET 2010
    	Name:			/principals/users/<his user>
    	Path:			/principals/users/<his user>
    	Date:			Thu Jan 01 01:00:00 CET 1970
    	Owner account name:	<his user>
    in front of it. I'm not sure if data sent via CalDAV is supposed to be valid XML but this sure isn't. Also, the shown date (epoch 0) seems a bit strange. Other dates/times throughout the system seem fine though.

    I also tried looking at the jetty access logs and mailbox.log but everything seems fine there.

    Any hints on what might be wrong here or how I might go about collecting more useful information about this error?


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