SO I decided to do a wipe and reload on a desktop computer, I use clonezilla to make an image of it and send it to the server across the network. On the other side this server runs zimbra along with apache, samba, NFS, and few other things. Well one of the arrays which is 1.5TB, I was transferring to was about 75% full. I moved 300GB to this array pushing it over 80% which trigger what ever to spam the administrator account on zimbra to warn that the drive was over 80% full.

Instead for whatever reason the smtp at local address temporarily suspended delivery causing all the message to get deferred and the store piled up with about 517 messages crashing the system.

I restarted the system, but it took me until today to discover zimbra was not running properly even tho zmcontrol status said everything was A-OK!

I restarted zimbra and now it's working fine, and I was able to flush the 517 messages plus 343 additional messages I got today.

I still don't know why zimbra was deferring all them in the first place, but now it's working fine.

Any ideas?

Is there anyway to disable or change the notification about drive space?