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Thread: Missing Calendar button when creating new appointments

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    Default Missing Calendar button when creating new appointments

    I've recently upgraded our Zimbra from 5.0.16 to 6.0.4_GA_2038.

    This gives some new issues.

    We are usings calendars in our department. Sections have a common activity calendar with some people from there having "admin" rights on the calender - and it's mounted inside their account like this:

    # zmprov getAccount username@somedomain|grep zimbraId:
    zimbraId: 7b1c411d-6b22-4cff-95b7-96e6c8384ad0
    # zmmailbox -z -m calusername@somedomain getFolderGrant SMI_Activity_Calendar|grep 7b1c411d-6b22-4cff-95b7-96e6c8384ad0
         rwidxa   account  7b1c411d-6b22-4cff-95b7-96e6c8384ad0
    # zmmailbox -z -m username@somedomain gaf|grep SMI
        90050  appo           0          79  /SMI_Activity_Calendar (calusername@somedomain:257)
    Now after the Zimbra upgrade, we miss a calendar choose button i details when creating new appointments.. Every morning most of the secretaries dont have this button. Then I can resend the calendar share to them - they'll accept it at get the button back.. They are use a Firefox browser and ajax sessions - but it seems not to be the issue as is also is a problem in MIE and with standard HTML.

    They can also delete the calendar mount and remount it without me resending the shared calendar to get the button back.

    When I remove and mount it like this the button is still missing:

    # zmmailbox -z -m username@somedomain deleteFolder "SMI_Activity_Calendar"
    # zmmailbox -z -m username@somedomain createMountpoint --view appointment "/SMI_Activity_Calendar" calusername@somedomain "/SMI_Activity_Calendar"
    Any ideas ..?

    Should I use a support ticket on a thing like this?

    Kind Regards Henrik
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    We are also running into this issue in our organization. We are running Release 6.0.4_GA_2038.

    There is a user who is an admin for a calendar and when she tries to make a new appointment, the calendar in question is not available. When the creator of the calendar re-shares the calendar with her it reappears as an option for a few day before disappearing.

    Any help is appreciated!


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