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Thread: HSM questions (backup, and monitoring)

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    Default HSM questions (backup, and monitoring)

    This morning, we re-endabled hsm on a system that had it disabled for a while.

    There is quite a bit of mail for hsm to take care of, and we expect it to take quite a while. We're worried that it won't be finished before tomorrow morning's backups run. I've heard that hsm and backups should not be run at the same time.

    What i'd like to know is. First, how can i monitor the progress of hsm? Aside from looking at disk usage on my hsm drive, and my store drive. Is there a process i can look for in ps?

    Second, is it really terrible to run hsm and backup at the same time? If hsm hasn't finished by tomorrow morning, is it going to affect my backups?


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    For status information enter zmhsm -u as user zimbra.

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