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Thread: different zimbra account name from AD account name

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    Default different zimbra account name from AD account name

    I would like to set up each zimbra account as and would like to authenticate against AD where the usernames are first_initiallast_name@AD_DOMAIN.local. The BindDN is currently set up as %u@AD_DOMAIN.local. The authenticaion works when I set the account name to first_initiallast_name but not if I change it to first_name.last_name. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I believe it is a one to one relationship. Perhaps what you could do is create the users as first_initiallast_name and then add a alias to the Zimbra account. They would still need to log in using the AD syntax but any emails would be accepted using their alias. You could even fix their from and reply-to to use the alias as well.

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