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Thread: [SOLVED] Dual mail server migration dilemma

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    Default [SOLVED] Dual mail server migration dilemma

    Hi - I've spent a good time searching the forum and wiki for a solution with this. I did find a post and also one about sendmail but the wiki page has me confused and the sendmail post didn't get a solid answer. Can someone please let me know if this is possible to stop me banging my head against a wall.

    domain is
    mail currently routed to (a sendmail box, users pop access and download to outlook)

    I've put in place (this is the domain it's configured with). I want to set as the primary. Email comes in and lands on the zimbra box. Were a local account exists on that box ( it'd delivered. Where it only exists on the sendmail box ( I need the mail relayed to the sendmail box for delivery.

    This will allow me to migrate users from sendmail to zimbra in chunks and they'll receive mail in their zimbra inbox only when it is created.

    to complicate things, I need to receive, and and have them all arrive for local users either on the sendmail box (when not migrated) or ultimately the zimbra box.

    I tried setting up a domain alias on the zimbra box of and get mail incoming there forwarded to local zimbra accounts. this was ok but I couldn';t get the zimbra box to relay mail for accounts that weren't on that box (but valid on the sendmail box). Also, as I will eventually throw out the sendmail box, does it then make sense to make the zimbra box the primary in the first place?

    I'm assuming I would need to set all domains above as domain aliases on the zimbra box too?

    It all seems so easy with sendmail! Help please!

    Thanks, sem

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    The answer to your question would be a Split Domain set-up.


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    Hi Bill - I think that was what was confusing me - primary and secondary simply means authoritative or non-authoritative in this example, right?

    So does this make sense then (?):

    1. SMTP feed comes into the Sendmail server for all domains
    2. I create a user account on the zimbra box and then create a corresponding alias on the sendmail box to forward incoming mail onto the zimbra host.
    3. Sendmail users send via this machine which relays to ISP smart host.
    4. Should zimbra then relay via the sendmail box or direct to the ISP smarthost?
    5. When all user accounts have been migrated I will have an equal number of aliases on the sendmail box. I then either turn off that box and redirect the SMTP feed to zimbra or leave the Sendmail box in place (which I don't intend to do).

    Before I move the SMTP feed, I need to make sure zimbra is accepting mail for the master domain as well as etc. So I create domain aliases for this in the backend. I noticed last night that when I log into the zimbra web admin, the alias domains are listed but have no configuration details. I take it this is normal and nothing to be concerned about?

    Thanks again. sem

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