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Thread: 30 Day disk stats

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    Default 30 Day disk stats

    All the stat graphs are working except one, the 30 day disk stats, both the 48 hour, 60, and 365 day look correct. The 30 day stats look like its displaying data for the last 30 minutes, not days.

    Version 6.0.5_GA (was there with 6.04)
    (not sure if the screen shot was uploaded, tried serval times, not working)

    After exceeding 60 days, the 60 day chart is doing the same thing. This is not the last 30 minutes, this is the first 30 minutes after the first upgrade from v5 to v6. Also, today, when veiwing the server charts, I got a message that the server was not a MTA, restarting zimbra cleared this error.
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