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Thread: [SOLVED] zmmailbox to export emails by date

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    Default [SOLVED] zmmailbox to export emails by date

    I'm trying to export emails from a mailbox by date, but keep getting the below error. It appears that the ":" character in the query variable is causing the issue. Any idea how to properly format the date for this query?

    [zimbra@mail ~]$ query='before:"1/27/2010" after:"5/29/2009"'
    [zimbra@mail ~]$ zmmailbox -z -m gru "//?fmt=tgz&query=$query" > /tmp/test.tgz

    ERROR: zclient.CLIENT_ERROR (unable to parse URI: (cause: Illegal character in query at index 87:"1/27/2010"

    Without the date range parameters, the export works without an error.

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