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Thread: Deferred Mail Queue Updated: Time Stamp

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    When No mails in Queue
    1. the Status Reports Scan Complete
    2.The Scan Progress Bar is Green Throughout.
    3.The Date remains 1/1/1970

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    Is this a Field of Database Which I can update & see if then it starts rolling ok..?

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    Thumbs up solved deferred time stamp update

    Quote Originally Posted by Himanshu View Post
    I am getting 1/1/1970 in Deferred Time stamp , Any Idea
    Why this is SO.

    I had some mails in queue & after using flush option , I noticed that this time stamp is being reported in Admin Console in Deferred mail option.The Other Active /Incoming/Deferred/ etc are being The same is Reported Correct.
    I have same problem and now the issue solved I try with this procedure
    1st I go to directory (/opt/zimbra/data/postfix/spool/deferred) and I see directory with name 0,1,2.......A,B,C..bla2x
    then I remove all directory at deferred folder (mailserver:/opt/zimbra/data/postfix/spool/deferred #rm -r * ) #backup all folder in deferred directory before you delete
    and I restart all zimbra service ( zimbra@mailserver:~> zmcontrol restart ).
    now I can see the mail at deferred tab and time stamp already update .
    note : I running this procedure when there is no queue

    hikmah gumelar

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