Hello all.

I'm familiar with folder permissions, but I've run into a situation to which I'm wondering if anyone else has already devised a solution.

Let's say I've got a user, Bob, who shares lots of briefcases (more than 10) with lots of folks on his team (say, more than 20). These briefcases are used for living documents - people on Bob's team change these documents daily.

And then, for one reason or another, Bob leaves the organization, and Tess is hired to take his place. Now Tess would like to have all of Bob's briefcases, but she's not too keen on just inheriting Bob's account. So Tess has a new account, and would like to have all of Bob's briefcases.

So far, I see two scenarios to get the briefcases over to Tess.
  1. Export the briefcases, and have Tess import them. This will require Tess to re-share more than 10 briefcases with her team of more than 20, which will require each person on her team to delete the old briefcases, and accept the new shares.
  2. Add Tess as an admin to Bob's briefcases. This would work temporarily. However, I will eventually need to reclaim Bob's license, which means deleting his mailbox...and the briefcases stored in it.

Does anyone see any other options?