I'm trying to setup the GAL and can get it to populate with all the needed addresses, but my problem comes when using autocomplete or searching the GAL.

Here is what I have set for GAL settings.

LDAP filter: (&(|(jobcode=*)(businesscategory=*))(mail=*)(cn=%s *))
Autocomplete filter: (|(cn=%s*)(sn=%s*)(gn=%s*)(mail=%s*))

in my test case we have a number of GAL entries that start with Pharmacy Manager - <group area>

With both autocomplete and gal searches not all entries (there are only 12) showing up. Sometimes if I type "pharm" I only get ones that have email addresses that have 'pharm' at the start. Other times I can type Pharmacy and that'll work, but I still don't get all 12 I'll get about 6. If I want to see the rest I need to type the first few letters of the email address.

I even changed the autocomplete to not have mail=%s* and it still seemed to do autocomplete based on the email address.

I take these same queries and try then directly against my ldap systems and they work as expected (I replace %s with 'pharm').

if I do a search for * in the GAL and scroll through the addresses I can see all 12 Pharmacy addresses.

The autocomplete seems very inconsistent. Any ideas? Is there a cache I should be flushing? Whenever I change the LDAPfilter I re-create the GAL to start fresh. I also logout/close the browser window I'm testing with between tests .. I've even gone for far as delete the test account I was using in case something was being stored.

Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.