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Thread: how to improve SBRS score

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    Default how to improve SBRS score

    Hello guys,

    We are facing major issue. From one of our application we have enabled mail notification for our customer. in this case, customer's mail server and domain is not handle by us.
    But the MTA from where mail notification has been enabled and the sender mail ID have beed set from our Zimbra setup.
    The mail notification was working fine from last 1 year without any issue and suddenly customer's Mail server blocked this MTA traffic. And they have informed us that SBRS score for our domain is poor. .i.e 2.9 and thats why the traffic has been blocked.
    This mail notification is very important for customer. I search on net but couldnt find which parameter i need to check or tune to improve SBRS score for my domain.

    I am sure most of the Admin have face this issue here...can anyone please suggest how to fix this problem.


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    SBRS is calculated using lots of different metrics. Have you checked that you are RFC compliant and that the mail server is not list on multiple RBLs and that you also have valid DNS PTR records ?

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