Hello there,

I installed an Ubuntu 8.04 / ZCS OSS 6.0.4 a few weeks ago, which is now our main email server.

I plan to move our current setup to an other machine. I've followed 2 migration methods, one found in the Wiki, the second one in the Administrators Power Tips, but none of them worked:

Wiki Method
Following: Moving ZCS to New Server - Zimbra :: Wiki

Once the procedure is completed, using zmcontrol start looks OK.
But invoking zmcontrol status tells me the mailbox is stopped, and mysql.server is not running.

Power tips method
Following: http://www.zimbrablog.com/blog/archi...er-server.html

At the end of this method, once I've moved our data on the new server, I launch the install script. It hangs at "Upgrading document templates... failed". Once the script is finished, the server does not work. I guess the problem is similar, with a mysql server not running.

Does anyone have any hint to help me migrate?

Many thanks in advance,