I have a large group of people who do not have Zimbra accounts, but do need to schedule resources that are managed in Zimbra resource accounts.

To accomplish this, we have some simple web forms that send iCal messages to the Zimbra resource calendar email addresses. All of the resource calendars are set to auto-accept appointments.

Under ZCS 5.x, when the resource calendars received one of these iCal messages, it would automatically reply with an "Accepted" or "Declined" email back to the organizer based on the availability of the resources.

Under ZCS 6.x, the appointments in the iCal messages are correctly added to the resource calendars, but the organizer (the person submitting the web form) doesn't receive a response.

If I "View Mail" for the resource calendars from the Admin console and I manually "Accept->Notify Organizer," THEN the acceptance message gets sent back out to the organizer.

So, is there a way to get back to the previous behavior, where appointments are both automatically added to the resource calendars AND the organizers are notified?