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Thread: Password synchronization between extern Ldap and Zimbra

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    Default Password synchronization between extern Ldap and Zimbra


    My zimbra version is 5.0.16_GA_2921_Debian4.0 and I have installed on the server the zimbra_posixaccount and zimbra_samba extensions. So, now, I can use the zimbra ldap to manage my user on my domain.
    But I have a problem to manage the users' passwords.

    Firstly, I create a user on zimbra with a password. The user can log into zimbra and it can log on my domain (a smb share for example).
    If I observe my ldap schema with ldap browser, I see the fields :
    sambaNTPassword = yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    userPassword = {SSHA}xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    There is no problem.
    (I have just a strange option on ldap browser ... The option "User can change the password on next logon" is selected but without effect :-)

    If I change the user's password from zimbra, only the field userPassword is changed. So the connection with the new password on zimbra is possible but not on the domain...
    It's very strange ... Why zimbra don't synchronize the password ? Do you know how can I configure zimbra to change the 2 fields ?

    I have found a workaround. If I reset the password with ldap browser, I reset the 2 fields (and also I create a new field sambaLMPassword) but this actions modify the encrypt method on the field userPassword. In fact, now the field is encrypted with SHA instead of SSHA which is incompatible with my new application ;-(

    Thanks for your help.
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    solution to your problem is already on the forum: .

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