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    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for one complete solution from where I can achieve zimbra scalability, performance and high availability.

    I have referred multi-server concept note and found it very interesting. Right now we have single zimbra mail server with 3 customer’s domains. So thinking to migrate my single setup to multi-server setup. But before that want to understand this setup completely.

    First I would like to concentrate on scalability and then HA. I am thinking about setup like below:

    1. LDAP master and replica server + zimbra mysql (2 VMs)
    2. Two MTA servers + antivirus + spamassessin (2 VMs)
    3. Two mailbox store servers (2 physical servers)

    I had rough Idea how can do basic installation for each setup. But Now I have below queries:

    1. Zimbra proxy: Where we need to enable zimbra proxy on above setup? I think it should be integrated with LDAP so it will come to know where to redirect the request through MTA ..Pls confirm.

    2. Zimbra MTA: I want such a solution which can handle email traffic smoothly during peak hours also. So how to setup multiple MTA for it? Can I define one MTA for incoming and another for outgoing traffic? or both MTA can handle both type traffic ? What will be the role of zimbraMailTransport parameter in such setup? or can I use DNS load balancing feature here ?

    3. As I mentioned proxy will decide on which mailstore the data should go but as both mailstore servers are individual so off course mail data and mailbox will be different on both servers....So how can we manage that? Do we need to segregate this mail data on domain base? What is the best solution you suggest for multi-store server setup?

    Please help and suggest.

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