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Thread: Backup Zimbra CE

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    Default Backup Zimbra CE

    Hello, sorry if this has been discussed already but i was not able to find what i need by searching.

    I currently have a zimbra server (6.0.2) up and running and it is great. However i would like to add redundancy to my setup. All in all, it would be great to have a complete backup, and any recommendations for that would be great. however for now i would like to do a pretty decent backup MX.

    I have had a postfix backup for this setup, however it has been really a pain in the ass seeing how it does not do spam/av and can not check users.

    Does anyone have a how-to for setting up zimbra as a backup MX which can synch out the LDAP and spam/AV from the primary server or am i just wishing way to much here?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    If all you want to do is provide a backup MX then you could use another Zimbra server and follow the instructions in any of these examples: "backup mx" postfix - Yahoo! Search Results - don't forget that Zimbra uses Postfix as it's MTA.

    I would not necessarily recommend you run a backup mx for your server it can be, as you've seen, problematic. Have you considered using an external provider to use as a backup site? There are companies that provide backup MX services (a google search should find them for you) or you could use an alternative approach.

    I use a DNS hosting service for my domains (including the MX records) at and as part of their package they provide a backup mail server. If your server goes down for any reason then the easydns mail server keeps your mail for up-to five days and when your server is back on-line it automatically forward the mail to your server - you don't have to worry about getting tons of spam, no additional server hosted elsewhere and it's in the cost of the DNS hosting package. There are plenty of companies that provide this type of service and again google is your friend. I have no connection with easydns other than as a satisfied customer of five+ years.


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