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Thread: messages in a folder not showing - 5.0.8

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    Default messages in a folder not showing - 5.0.8

    We have an account that contains a folder where the messages aren't visible, either in IMAP or via the web interface. If I use either the zmmailbox getFolder command or "mouse over" the folder in the web interface, I can see that it contains 129 messages, but none are displayed. I ran the re-index command on the account today which finished without error, but I still don't see any difference in message visibility. Does anyone have additional hints for troubleshooting?

    Here is the result of the getFolder command
    zmmailbox -z -m gf "Sun GEH/TILE"
    "id": "57486",
    "name": "TITLE",
    "path": "/Sun GEH/TITLE",
    "parentId": "56023",
    "flags": "*",
    "color": "defaultColor",
    "unreadCount": 0,
    "messageCount": 129,
    "view": "message",
    "url": null,
    "effectivePermissions": null


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    Well it might be the case you dont have actually 129 messages as shown by webclient. This happens many times due to contact_count field. Try for the user facing the issue:

    Work Around

    1) zmprov ga | grep zimbraId

    2) mysql -e "update zimbra.mailbox set contact_count='NULL' where

    3) Restart zimbra

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    A support engineer suggested essentially the same MySQL update:
    update mailbox set contact_count=NULL where comment='';

    and then run a
    zmmailboxdctl restart

    I tried those steps and it didn't make a difference. After re-logging in or using zmmailbox I can still see it listing 129 messages for the folder in question but displaying none.

    Is the "zmmailboxdctl restart" enough or is there some other component that would need to be restarted to clear the behavior?


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