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Thread: Zimbra on Mac OS X using the iCal client

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    Default Zimbra on Mac OS X using the iCal client

    We have a test instance of Zimbra 6.0 running on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) and we would also like to use the Mac OS X (Leopard and Snow Leopard) iCal client instead of the Zimbra client.

    I have run into a problem where we have conference rooms that are restricted, that is, if someone wants to reserve the room he must first get permission from the room's owner. Now, it seems from the documentation that this is possible, by setting the Schedule Policy to 'No auto accept or decline' and setting an email address in the 'Forward calendar invitations to these addresses'. However, there isn't an accept or decline option for the location on the room's owner's iCal client, has anyone else run into this issue and what did you do?

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    I would start by creating a share (Manager) from the conference room's calendar to the owner's account, then mount the share in Zimbra Web Client. This should at least cause the owner's iCal to show the room's calendar. (You might have to refresh iCal before this will happen.)

    You might then get the accept/decline.

    Another method that seems more promising in theory would be to share the calendar and then, in iCal, use Preferences>Accounts>Delegation to access the conference room's calendar. However I haven't been able to access shared calendars this way, see Bug 45853 - ical delegation: iCal can't alter settings or access shared calendars

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