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Thread: Server-side mailbox to mailbox archiving?

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    Question Server-side mailbox to mailbox archiving?

    Hello. We've got a ZCS install running on RedHat. Most clients are Outlook 2003.

    We have one user who has a humungous mailbox... so large we keep hitting the Outlook OST/PST/ZDB 20GB limit. She is unwilling/unable to delete enough mail.

    Of course we could use Outlook archving, but I don't want PST files sitting around that don't get backed up on her laptop.

    What I'd like to do is set up a second mailbox on the server, and move all mail older than 2-3 years to this second mailbox. Then I'll set up her Outlook to be able to also open this second mailbox.

    I'm looking for a good way to do this server-side. I'd like to extract all mail older than a certain age from her primary, then restore it to a seperate mailbox.

    Is there anything within Zimbra that can do this (not finding it so far in the docs)? HSM is not what I want, since it's really a user's mailbox that I want to be split up, not the server side mail store.

    Any particular suggestions if not? An IMAP tool of some sort?


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    without giving the matter too much thought, one way i could think of doing it would be to

    1. take a backup of the user
    2. restore that backup to
    3. run zmmboxsearch to find all messages newer than the cutoff date you want to archive and pipe the results to zmmailbox deleteMessage. You may have to run it quite a few times if i remember right there is a hard set limit to the number of results zmmoxsearch returns, maybe this has changed.
    4. run the reverse thing on the existing account to find stuff older than the cutoff date and delete it

    Then you'd have the account with all stuff newer than X date and the with all stuff older than the X date and the same folder structure

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    Thank you; looks reasonable. Will test this out.

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