(I'm starting a new thread, since I was confused about the problem when I posted yesterday)

On July 12, we deleted an account that we now need to restore. We have the network editition, and we do full backups on the first of each month and incrementals every night.

With "zmrestore -a user@nu2m.de -ra -rf", I am able to restore the account to the last full backup on July 1. However, when I try to restore the incrementals backups as well, I get an error and the restored account is deleted:

[zimbra@otto ~]$ zmrestore -a user@nu2m.de -ra
Error occurred: no such account: xx442fxx-fd97-4d00-9641-xx182a8c80xx
Is there a way I can restore the account to its state of the incremental backup on July 11, either with zmrestore or by extracting transactions from the redo logs myself?