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    hi, i been reading the guide on ZCS-to-ZCS Migrations » Zimbra :: Blog

    i'm running an opensuse 10.2 32bit 5.0.16 FOSS install, been ok for a good time but is intermittently crashing so i'm gonna make a new mail server, maybe on the 2008 hyper-v setup i got...

    my question, does the new server need to be running 5.0.16?

    i was hoping to install 5.0.22 opensuse10.2 32bit

    do i need to update the old server to 5.0.22 first?

    i realise to do a system wide migration, i.e. /opt/zimbra they need to be the same, just didn't know about mailboxes



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    As far as I know it has to be on same version. There are sql schema changes that happen between versions.

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