Thus far we havent been using the zimbra briefcase much on our install. We've recently found a use for it. However there's an issue that we've been aware of and havent done anything about thus far.

We have zimbra setup such that when you browse to the webmail address, you're redirected to https. We prefer that every bit of communication is done over https. In the case of the briefcase, this is especially so, because its possible that private data could be stored in the briefcase.

There are two issues.

1. When you share a briefcase, the URL which you're given to access the briefcase is presented as a non secure http:// link. If you access this link, you are NOT redirected to https. We have a test install of zimbra 6, and i see that in 6, this issue is fixed, the links are presented as https. We are not likely to upgrade to zimbra 6 on our production system until near the end of summer. So, is there a way to fix this in 5.0.18 in the mean time?

2. The second issue is, due to our multi-server install. We have two zimbra store servers. If i share a document on store01, and then try to access it via a url at store00, i'm presented with an error, an http 401 iirc. This is expected, because the file is not located on store00, so thus, an error. However, i think that it would be much nicer if instead, you're redirected to the proper server, no? Might this also be fixed in a newer release? I was unable to test this on zimbra 6.