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Thread: Snow Leopard CardDAV/LDAP configuration

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    Default Snow Leopard CardDAV/LDAP configuration

    I am evaluating Zimbra 6.04 for possibly replacing an Exchange 2003 server.

    We are running all Macs and moving to Snow Leopard.

    I have Mail and iCal set up with IMAP and CalDAV and they are working fine.

    I am trying to get Address Book connected to Zimbra. When trying to use CardDAV I get an error saying it couldn't discover the cardDAV server.

    I have also tried to set up LDAP, but it doesn't return anything.

    Any ideas?


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    Mac CardDAV support depended partly on an update from Apple which seems to have just appeared as part of OS X 10.6.3. See Bug 22008 – WebDAV: Add support for CardDav and be aware that when filling in the CardDAV server field, you need supply the port. Thus or

    For LDAP in Address Book, I've only had luck using anonymous connections. To turn this on with a fresh install of 6.0.x, see Bug 15378 – Obviate the need for and disallow LDAP anonymous binds but be aware that you should firewall off LDAP from the outside world if you do this, or spammers will be able to harvest all your email addresses easily.

    See also where I've posted my efforts, so far unsuccessful, to do secure authenticated connections from Address Book to Zimbra LDAP.

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