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Thread: zmbackup and space problem

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    Default zmbackup and space problem

    Hi there. We currently run zimbra NE,

    We currently run our backups like:

    full backup every night, and incremental backups every hour.

    These goto the default location, so full backups end up on /opt/zimbra/backups/sessions/full-........

    The issue is, our /opt/ partition is only 200G, now this was fine, but we've just hit the point where full backups + mail store /opt/zimbra/store is filling the partition to say /198G, which is too much.

    I've setup a script, so it backs up the full backup to a Freenas server, this works fine, I can run zmbackup -del 2day -t <target on freenas server> and again, this works fine, but i've just found out what we can't do, and thats set the target path of incremental backups, because they use the redo logs.

    So.. if i run a incremental backup, it needs a full, which it won't have as thats on the freenas server, so it would create a new full(which would max the /opt/ partition again.

    Ive seen about changing the default location, but that doesnt change redo log location, therefore incremental backups wouldnt work correctly, right?

    Any suggestions, so ideally we need to increase our partition size(theres no space to take from somewhere else). I've looked at adding another HD, but i cant use this and extend /opt as far as i'm aware?

    or atleast without taking everything off, adding a new server and going from there.

    Any suggestions or solutions please?


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    I think bottom up you need a bigger HD and volume manager to expand your /opt. Check Linux LVM. Thanks

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