At the risk of getting lots of "search the forums!" replies (I have), I have a few unanswered questions:

  • The architectural overview here is nice, but I want to know how Zimbra stores messages.
    It must correlate to the database, as directories and messages are numbered cryptically (I assume it has server zero, but the other items don't seem to correlate to users as I would expect.
  • How does Zimbra call spamassassin and the like, how would I hook in something else, like a custom filter? It uses postfix, so I suppose this is a postfix question (I know very little about postfix, having experience in procmail, sendmail, and exim).
  • A Zimbra employee told me virus definitions are updated every 2 hours... Is this is with the paid Zimbra subscription? What about for OSS setups? Can we upgrade SpamAssassin directly? Are there any specific hooks we need to know about, like how it is called?
  • How can POP users interact with the Spam training accounts?
  • How are SpamAssassin and DSPAM tied together? (This is apparently not a Zimbra question but rather a amavisd question.)

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