Ubuntu 8.04 lts
ZCS 5.0.18
Outlook 2003
Palm Treo

I have several problems that surfaced at the same time.

1. My Palm Treo syncs one way. Calendar appointments go from the server to the device, but not the other way.

2. When I reply to emails using the web client, I hit send and it stalls. Doesn't matter how many times I try. I need to start a new email.

3. I couldn't resolve the problem where outlook.exe fails to close (checked add-ins and anything else that might be accessing Outlook). So I removed the profile in order to start a new profile and .zdb file. It stalls after it only gets part way and seems to function normally except I only have a quarter of my emails and about 10 contacts out of 1000.

I'm the administrator of the server. I haven't had anyone complain yet and there are about 80 users.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Eric