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    Default to: header has disappeared

    I have a user on a zcs 6.0.2 who cannot see the "to:" field information in the default reading pane view of the web client. In on other words, the subject is there, the sender is (usually, but not always, I think) there, and the word "To:" is there, but the actual recipient address of the "to:" field is absent. If the message's source is viewed, the "to:" information can be seen. If the message is opened in it's own window, the "to:" information can be seen.

    Other users on the same installation do not seem to be experiencing this symptom.

    I've tried already re-indexing the mailbox, which was the first time I've ever done that. I am not sure it really did anything as it appeared as if the re-index finished almost immediately and the status seemed to indicate that 0 messages were indexed. In any event, this attempt didn't change any thing for the user.



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    It's possible you might have a cached CSS problem on that browser.

    Has that user tried logging in on another seat?

    Try Ctrl-Reload, which reloads everything, ignoring cached data.
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